Course Records

Below you will find a list of the course records for the local Melbourne courses. If you have matched or set a course record and have some sort of proof, please let us know and we will post it. This page is under construction so give us some time as we collate and record all the results on record.

Ruffey Lake League Days (As per layout used since 2015)

  • The best score on record is 9 under set by Patty Robinson on July 21, 2018.prior to that 8 under has been achieved by several players including Greg Catch (Marter), Darren Stace Smith and ????

Ruffey Lake Casual Play on standard league day course

  • The best score on record is 10 under which has been achieved by Darren Stace-Smith and ???? During the 2017-18 Summer Cup and ????

Stony Creek

  • The current record on the 16 hole course layout is -10 which has been achieved by Oscar Fehlberg & Bruce McNaughton.
  • Josh Smith has notably achieved -8 on the 8 hole layout. This was achieved prior to the addition of the back 8.