Course Records

Below you will find a list of the course records for the local Melbourne courses. If you have matched or set a course record and have some sort of proof, please let us know and we will post it.

Ruffey Lake League Days (As per layout used since 2015)

  • The best score on record is 9 under set by Patty Robinson on July 21, 2018. Prior to that 8 under has been achieved by several players including Greg Catch (Marter), Darren Stace-Smith and others.

Ruffey Lake Casual Play on standard league day course

  • The best score on record is 10 under which has been achieved by Darren Stace-Smith and Cameron Ford during the 2017-18 Summer Cup.

Stony Creek

  • The current record on the 16 hole course layout is -10 which has been achieved by Oscar Fehlberg & Bruce McNaughton.
  • Josh Smith has notably achieved -8 on the 8 hole layout. This was achieved prior to the addition of the back 8.