The Melbourne edition of the Aussie Disc Day 2021 went off without a hitch! A total of 53 players braved what could only be assumed as the worst weather in the country on the day, to play their two rounds on a modified Bald Hill Course.  It was wet, it was windy, it was cold, but there were lots of smiles and stories to come away from the day!

There were some good battles across many divisions, congratulations to David Perry (MPO winner), Glenn Maisey (MA1 winner), Alistair Don (Ma40 winner), Doug Adams (MA50 winner), Lachlan Ryan (MA2 winner), Narada Guzman (MA4 winner), Jenny Thomas (FA4 winner), Anita Weber (FJ15 winner) and Matti Pearsall (MJ15 winner).

Aussie Disc Golf Day division winners

Aussie Disc Golf Day division winners, from left to right: Matti Pearsall, Glenn Maisey, Anita Weber, Jenny Thomas, Doug Adams, David Perry (front), Alistair Don, Narada Guzman, Lachlan Ryan.

An ultra-special mention going to Lachlan Ryan, who was the top ranking MA2 player in the COUNTRY on the day!  The Aussie Disc Day saw close to 600 players across the country all out on course on the same day, the future of disc golf is looking very bright nationwide.

Thanks to Gail P Lunch for taking photos on the day.  Click on thumbnails below to see full size images.