Hi all,

This is going out to the members and friends of the Melbourne Disc Golf Club. Its just a quick email to let you know about some exciting events coming up.

This coming Saturday is the 9th annual Rudolf Riot being held at Barwon Valley in Geelong. Check out the Geelong Disc Golf Club FB page for more info on this.
Secondly, on the back of covering the ADGCs in the ACT last weekend, Terry (The Disc Golf Guy) Miller is in the Melbourne / Geelong area, He is travelling with the ADG president Luke Turnbull and they will be attending the Rudolf Riot on Saturday and will be playing Ruffy Lake and Stoney Creek on Sunday. For the Sunday event, we will be kicking off with some casual golf at Ruffy Lake from 9am. We will then have lunch at 12:00 before heading to Stoney Creek for the afternoon. If you would like to be involved in any of this please checkout the event on the MDGC FB page. We will also have another very special guest with us at Ruffey Lake. Gail Lynch will be joining us. Luke Turnbull will be officially inducting Gail into the Australian Disc Golf Hall Of Fame at a presentation during lunch. Gail is a MDGC member and we are very happy for her. Please get Ruffy Lake to be a part of this historic moment and celebrate with us. For those of you who don’t know, Gail was instrumental in sowing the seeds a long time ago to start the growth of the sport we so love today. You can ask her more on Sunday.

Finally the 2018/19 Summer Cup has begun and will run until the start of the February league day. More info on this will be out soon on the MDGC website and FB page.

If you have any questions or would like more information on any of the items above please let us know at info@melbournediscgolf.com.