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One Disc Challenge

One Disc Challenge


Unfortunately this event has been cancelled due to stage 3 COVID – 19 restrictions.  If you have already made payment for this event, please contact us to arrange a refund.


Join us for a fun, one-disc-challenge at Ruffey Lake Disc Golf course on Saturday 11th July. There will be two rounds played and you may opt to play just one round or both. Please register via the Metrix link below by 6pm on Friday 10th July. Groups and starting tees will be announced soon after. Registrations are limited to 36 players per round.

Registration morning round: https://discgolfmetrix.com/1352218

Registration afternoon round: https://discgolfmetrix.com/1352219

This event is suitable for players of all abilities and will be a fun challenge for all.

Registration is free for MDGC members and just $5.00 for non-members.

please note.: lunch will not be provided

One Disc Challenge – Rules

1. You must throw the same disc for EVERY throw.

2. You may carry a second disc, but it can only be used if the first disc is declared lost. Should the first disc later be found, it cannot be used for the remainder of the round, for any reason. A maximum of two discs may be carried during the round. There is no provision to return to the first disc if the second disc is lost and the first is found – your round is terminated.

3. A mini-marker must be used at all times.

4. There will be two rounds played (‘morning’ and ‘afternoon’). Any disc legally thrown on the first round (see rules 1 & 2) cannot be used for the second round. Thus, if you carry a second disc in round 1 and the first disc is never lost, that second disc may be used in round 2, but if you have to make a round 1 substitution, neither disc may be used in the afternoon.

5. There will be a CTP on hole 9 with a separate prize for each round.

6. There will be an 18-hole round score winner for both raw score and for handicap score for both morning and afternoon.

7. This is a member-event for current MDGC members. For others, a $5 entry fee applies. This event does not attract the ‘first event free’ discount, neither does it count as a ‘first event’ for anyone who subsequently plays their first league day (whenever league days might resume!). Payments to be made via the web site pro shop.

8. The round prizes (raw and handicap) are “a disk from the pro shop” to any value and CTP winners receive the usual bag badge. CTP winners will accumulate towards the yearly CTP prize.

9. Entries and scoring will be handled via DiscGolfMetrix, however handicaps will be calculated using the current Victorian player handicap database. All results will be announced later that afternoon from the ‘safety of my own home.’

The event is finished.

Hourly Schedule

Saturday 11th July

9:25 -
Round 1
All players must be at their starting tees
9:30 -
Tee Off Round 1
12:55 -
Round 2
All players must be at their starting tees
1:00 -
Tee Off Round


Sat 11 Jul 2020


Free for MDGC members. $5.00 for all others


Ruffey Lake Park Disc Golf Course
Ruffey Lake Park


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