League Results – February 2018

The Summer Cup is over and we’re back into the year-long handicap league. This month (and again in November) both rounds are included in the year-long competition. In all other rounds, we will only count the first round played, although anyone is welcome to play both morning and afternoon.

This year, we are using re-vamped handicaps which are intended to bring scores somewhat closer to par, although this month still yielded some impressive results.

Morning round:
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Mike Sale is a passing visitor from the US who actually holds a Guinness World Record for the most holes played in 24 hours – we hear the number was around 2000 holes!! He’s a 980 ranked player who played just two over the course record on the first time he ever saw the course!

Congratulations to Jacob for the handicap win, playing well under his handicap.

…and the Afternoon round:

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You might note that this is the first time in a very long time that best raw score has also won the handicap competition. Congratulations, Allen.