Oscar Fehlberg

House Of Cards bag tags


“House of Cards” bag tags.


During the 2020/2021 Summer Cup, disc golfers have the option of purchasing customised playing cards which act like ‘tags’.

When you play a round you may opt to challenge your opponent for ‘tags’.  The aim will be to win as many tags (cards) as possible during Summer Cup.  You and your opponent are free to set your own tag rules whilst playing.  For example… the tag winner of your round may be the person with the best raw score, or perhaps they must beat their opponent by a pre-determined amount of throws.  Maybe the tag winner will be the person with the most birdies or the longest drive?  It is up to each playing group to determine the rules.

The winner of the House Of Cards challenge will take home the cash pool! (amount to be determined)

This purchase includes two, customised playing cards.  (free postage)

limit of two cards per person