Raw Score Comp Ladder

2021 Social Days Raw Score Ladder 

In 2021 it is the top 6 scores that will be totaled to determine a winner. You must have played at least 6 rounds and be a club member to be eligible to win. The annual prize is a $50 club store voucher.

Below is a table of the standings as at June 1, 2021. The table can be sorted by total score or the number of rounds. Note that there are currently only 3 players with 6 rounds recorded.

NameFeb-RufMar-BHMar-RufApr-BHApr-RufMay-BHMay-Ruf# RdsLeague Ladder
Chris Scott-5-10-3-5-14-6-20
Chris Ronalds-6--13-3---3-19
Joel Stuckey-7--7-10--45-14
David Perry--10-----62-14
Glenn Maisey--4-4---8-3-13
Jay Ros-9-2-3----3-11
Darren Stace-Smith-3-----7-23-9
Oscar Fehlberg-1-0-3-5--45-8
Jacob Cruden-2--3--3--34-7
Allen Brunsting-8--0---13-6
Mikey Hare-6------1-5
Matthias Poi--2-----22-2
Callum Kirkpatrick-2-2--3--30
Mark Hardy---31-1--30
Mathew Adams-----1--10
Patrick Utri0------11
Cale davies-----0-11
Calham Dower--1----12
Justin Crow--2--11-33
Paul Arden--2--0-24
Tarron Anderson-32-4-1--655
Darcy RAISBECK-----4-15
James Honeyman0----6-28
Blake Shaw---7---18
Dan Bradshaw5-10-3-1369
Nicholas Valentini-0-1-0449
Dominic Rado--3-5--210
Jeffrey Brunsting----6-3211
James Mathieson-----10-111
Cameron Ford---3-55-11412
Mitch Evers---12---113
Shane Van Emmerik--13----114
Benjamin Hicks---13---114
Ashley Scroggie--14----115
Anthony Magen2--2-26-7516
Patrick Eldridge510-----217
Ben Hare16------117
Mike Spangenberg-25-12---318
Mike Williams--314---219
Sean Maisey-11---6-219
Alexie Beovich-----118221
Douglas Landinguin5-7-9--324
Jenny Thomas---23---124
Nathan Riddle-----25-126
Carol Heath----30--131
Doug Adams2834-89634
Janet Ford-Adams--2115---238
Tom Mason--21---19242
David Heath989-7-7545
Aaron DeBuhr--1620-15-354
Harrison Adams---46-32-280
Ian Buchanan-Black34-2732---396
Owen Maisey-3840--47-3128


2020 League Raw Score Ladder – There are no results for 2020 as there were not enough rounds played to qualify due to covid-19.


2019 League Raw Score Ladder – Final Results

This years raw score league winner was the one, the only, David Perry. It would have been a hot battle for second place had he not attended the November league day – he only just snuck in to complete the minimum 8 rounds required to be eligible.

Congrats David! We look forward to seeing everyone next year.

2018 League Raw Score Ladder – Final Results

Melbourne Disc Golf Clubs very own “Dazza” Stace-Smith has taken out the Raw Score competition for the year, coming away with an accumulative total of -21 across his best 8 rounds. Oscar came in second, definitely a contender for 2019!