Summer Cup – update and initial results

Hi all…

we currently have 11 active players and a few more who have indicated interest. Obviously this is only enough for two divisions… hopefully we can expand to 3 prior to the cut-off.

Currently seven players have completed the minimum 3 rounds – results below are expressed as a total of each player’s best three rounds; note that in this list, both divisions are mixed together.

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Based on a likely split into 2 divisions, Carol would be leading the lower group and Tarron the upper. If three divisions were established, Justin would be leading the middle group.

Remember, all raw rounds are adjusted for each player’s handicap as at the end of the 2017 league season and divisions will be separated based on the PDGA update of Dec 12th.

I recently added a couple of extra prizes – money back for the most rounds submitted and for the lowest raw score. Currently Darren and I are tied for the most rounds (6 each) and Jacob Cruden threw an absolute blinder to achieve a raw 50 (which was 36.7 after handicap). Following the 50, there are three scores of 51 and 5 of 52 – it’s tight at the top!

Good luck everyone… keep submitting your rounds!

David Heath