The 2020 Westgate Cup

Westgate Cup

February marks the return of our monthly league days and an exciting special event.

The Westgate Cup is a match play competition played between the Melbourne and Geelong clubs. It’s not quite an annual competition but we would like it to be. It was first played in 2013 and then Darren Stace-Smith brought it back in 2018. Jeff Brunsting and Tarron Anderson are TDing this year’s event. The team Captains are Darren Stace-Smith for Melbourne and Tim Bohan for Geelong. More information including the rules and format are below:

  • Venue: Bald Hill Park playing the 20 hole layout.
  • Entry Fee: Free for the team members $15 for the sub-competition players explained later.
  • Tryouts are going on now. Teams will be announced at 6PM on Feb 21.
  • Each team will pick 8 players including at least one female competitor.
  • It will be match play with a combination of head to head and two forms of doubles matchups being played.
  • There will be two rounds with one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

If you are not familiar with match play it is a head to head (or doubles) competition to win the individual holes in order to win the round and match. You must be the clear winner of the hole to get a point. Any draws result in 0 points being awarded. They do not push to the next hole. The person who wins the most holes in a round wins a certain amount of points for their team. The more holes you win by the more points will be awarded. The team with the most points at the end of the day wins the tournament and the bragging rights (and probably some trinkets) that go with it. It’s a very exciting form of competing that can move very quickly. Often times the holes and the rounds are not played to completion if one competitor is the clear winner without the other even holing out or if it is mathematically impossible for a competitor to win the round. Get out and support your favourite team and watch this fantastic format.


WGC Individual Comp

In order to give more players a taste of match play and as a fund raiser for a special event on the Saturday afternoon of the VO2020, Allen Brunsting is going to run a sub competition that will also be match play. We want to reduce any interference with the speed of play for our teams so the number of players will be limited to the first 16 who register and pay for the event. The registration will open at 6PM on Feb 21 just after the teams are announced. We will do our best to make sure that everyone is aware of the competition so that there is equal opportunity for all. Anyone who registers and pays but does not make the cut will get a full refund. This will not be a club against club match. People will be matched up using your PDGA or Metrix rating and if you don’t have one of these then Allen will do his best to match you with someone at a similar skill level. At the end of the day we will hope to have a clear winner one way or another. There will also be some hole prizes up for grabs. There will be a FB event created for this and we would like you to register your interest there by ticking Going but this will have no bearing on if you will get it. It will however be very helpful for us to do some forward planning.

If you have any questions or would like to sponsor a prize please let Allen or Jeff know.

Spectators are welcome and encouraged to come along and cheer on the Melbourne team.  You will see some of Victoria’s best disc golfers in action.

For a full daily schedule, please visit our event page.