If the past months have taught us anything, it is that more and more Melbournians are loving their disc golf and itching to get back out on the course.  These past two weekends have been a great kickstart to what we hope will be an eventful end to 2021. We have a lot of disc golf to catch up on.
MDGC have hosted multi-location social days during the past two weeks with events being held at Ruffey Lake Park, Bald Hill Park and the newly revamped Stony Creek Reserve.  This format has allowed the maximum amount of people to play in our social days whilst staying within their 15 km travel limit.
It has been a huge success and it is likely we will see more events like this very soon. How soon you ask? Well how does next weekend suit you? We plan to host yet another multi-venue social day.  Keep an eye on the website and Facebook for more information and registration details over the coming days.
This weekend we had 54 disc golfers across the three venues. The social day was organised and events published just a few days prior so we are excited about the number of disc golfers who registered to play and especially the amount of new players attending our social days.
Two rounds were played at Bald Hill Park with 23 unique players between the two rounds.  The handicap winner was youngster, Max Cornelius.  Congratulations Max.  Great to see you back on the course and still loving the game.
The Hot rounds were shot by  Glen Maisey (-1) during the morning round  and Darren Stace-Smith (-7) in the afternoon.
Jacob Wescombe took out the CTB at Bald Hill on hole 7.
Max Cornelius

Max Cornelius

There was just one round played at Ruffey Lake Park with 16 golfers.  The handicap winner for the day was Joel Stuckey.
The hot round (-6) was shot be David Perry.
Dylan Stuckey took out CTP on hole 4.  For the second week in a row, the CTP was the very first throw on the hole.
Meanwhile, over at Stony Creek, there were 18 players.  Here, Ian Buchanan-Black was the handicap winner.  A humble winner who decided to donate his prize as an encouragement award at the next comp there.
The hot round for the day was shot by Joel Paton (-6)
There was no CTB at Stoney.
Well done to all.  We really can’t get enough disc golf at the moment.  Remember to spread the word about upcoming events.  New players are always welcome at our social days and encouraged to attend.