Summer Cup Revival Series

Summer Cup Revival Series

Building on the fun and successful Summer Social Series from the summer of 2022-23, and the call for more, low frills PDGA tournaments from our members, we are announcing the Summer Cup Revival Series for 2023-24. The series will bring all these things together while paying homage to the original Summer Cup Comp created by David Heath that got players socializing with a casual comp over the summer before Covid hit us.

The series will include a number of Melbourne hosted single-day, PDGA sanctioned tournaments from December through to the end of February, with players’ best tournament results counting towards their overall series standing. To see the current series standings go here.

Jeff Brunsting and Alex Evans are managing the series and will be TDs for many of the events, but we invite anyone who would like to host an SCR event to get in touch and we will assist. Registration for most events will be through Disc Golf Scene.

Get out and have some fun while getting some PDGA rated rounds.

SCRS Event Dates and Registration

We are aiming to hold at least 6 events in the series. The confirmed dates, and links to register, are listed below (they are also all listed on the ADG calendar of events):

Rego Fees will be $12-20 per event, including automatic entry into Ace Pool. Fees of ~$2.75 on top of that will be paid directly to DGS at registration.

And we are also working on some other potential dates and venues, watch for announcements.

The listed events are two rounds of 18 holes over the course of a day, but other events may be added that follow different formats (single rounds, flex times etc.)

Series Standings 

The current standings in each division can be found here.

Note that your results for the series will be recorded under the division that you register in for each tournament. For the first event at Melton, we entered your results in the division that you registered in through the ADG registration portal, not the division that you were assigned for the event. If your results are not showing in your preferred division, or you see any other problems, then please let us know at If you register and play in more than 1 division then you will accumulate points in each division. However, you can not win more than one division. if it were to happen you would be awarded the win in the higher division or age based division. . IE if you had the highest total in MA4 and MA3 the award would be in MA3, MA4 and MA40 the award would be MA4O. The second place getter in the lower division would win that division. In the unlikely event of a tie for any prize, it will be split.

The overall standings are based on the sum of your best 3 events as measured by the PDGA event rating.

Event Prizes and End Of Season Prizes

The pro prize for each individual event will be the extra cash put in over and above the AM divisions. Note This was done for the first 3 events but beyond that the registration fee and prize format will be the same for all divisions.

There will be minor prizes for AM divisions for some events. These will likely be a novelty prize for the most improved player above their rating and a certain number of CTBs based on player numbers and any sponsors.

There will be larger end of season prizes for divisions with more than 5 players.

The EOS prizes will most likely be gift cards from Victorian based disc golf retailers. And there will also be some special awards available.

If you want to get in touch please mail us at


The event is finished.


Fri 01 Dec 2023 - Thu 29 Feb 2024


8:00 am - 6:00 pm
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