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Founded in 2008, the Melbourne disc golf Club is a not-for-profit organisation which aims to create a local community of players and to spread awareness of this enjoyable, challenging and environmentally responsible sport.

Our members currently range in age from nine to seventy.  This truly is a sport for all.

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Melbourne Disc Golf Club

The Melbourne Disc Golf Club hosts a variety of events throughout the year catering for all levels of play from beginner to Pro.

Monthly League events are held on the second and third Saturdays of the month and all are welcome, regardless of age, ability or experience.  We encourage new players to attend.  League days are a great way to experience play whilst learning from others.

Tournaments are also scheduled throughout the year.  Our tournaments usually include divisions of play ranging from Junior to Pro and attract competitors from interstate and overseas.

Check out our events calendar for more information.

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Our Courses

Ruffey Lake Park
Bald Hill Park
Stony Creek
Lewis Park
Wantirna Sth
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