Some MDG board members loaded with PIF Discs at the upgraded Stony Creek course.

Melbourne Disc Golf has some very exciting news to share. Thanks to an all-time high membership level of 86 members (and climbing) and the patronage from customers on our online store, the club has had a very successful 18 months.

The MDGC board has come up with a unique way of celebrating this while at the same time giving back to the community and possibly starting disc golf journeys for hundreds of new players. The program is called “Play It Forward”.

Play It Forward is being delivered in partnership RPM Discs from New Zealand. The Melbourne Disc Golf Club has purchased 150 beginner friendly discs with the “Play It Forward” logo on them.

In true RPM fashion, they have supplied some awesome discs in quality plastic. These discs will be passed out by MDGC board members and club ambassadors over the next several months. The idea is that they will be handed to players they come across who may be playing with library discs or discs not specifically designed for disc golf or people who have not tried Disc Golf yet. If those players would like to play with a disc golf disc of their own then they will be given one of the PIF discs.

Recipients will be asked to use the disc for as long as they like but when they are done with it then to pass it on to another new player or return it to MDGC. The disc may also be given away or used in other ways as long as it involves growing the sport. We are so excited about this program and can’t wait to see where the discs end up.

The program was launched at Stony Creek on Saturday July 31. The very first disc randomly went to 9 year old Thomas Connolly (pictured below) while he was playing the course with his father. We later found out that this father Dave (also pictured) played at Poimena in Tassie when he was young and his parents lived on a property that backed onto the course. He recently visited his parents and played the course with Thomas. Thomas loved it so they have taken it up in Melbourne. We couldn’t be happier that the first disc ended up with this family. We are keen to hear more stories from the people who receive the discs. The recipients will be encouraged to share their stories or a quick shout out on the MDGC FB page and / or The Friends of RPM group. Keep an eye on these .

If you think that you deserve a PIF disc or know of someone who may be suitable, then please contact one of the board members or send an email to If you see anyone with one of these discs, please be sure to ask them about their story.

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