Results February League Day 2015

Greetings Disc Golf aficionados,

Welcome to the first league day for 2015. And the last time (for the
foreseeable future) we will see Greg Bowers this side of the vast expanse
of the Pacific. Thanks, Greg for everything you’ve done to develop Disc
Golf in Melbourne; your help has been invaluable.

So, on to the day’s events. To cries of “come in spinner,” 13 avid fans of
the rotating sport made their way onto the hot and sunburnt course. And 18
holes later, some very impressive scores both with and without handicap
were seen.

At this point an apology is in order. As my first ever attempt at scoring,
I’ll admit, it was a little overwhelming and I made one small mistake. I
mistyped Mathew’s name and didn’t notice the system hadn’t applied his
handicap. That meant his very impressive raw score of 49 wasn’t made even
more impressive by applying his handicap. This adjustment moved him from
8th to second; just two strokes behind the winner Ben Rayner and less than
one stroke ahead of myself in third.

Amazingly, the poorest post-handicap score for anyone with a current
handicap was just 52.5 – fine shooting all round.

In addition, over the course of the year, I will be keeping track of every
score on every hole to identify the easiest and toughest holes on the
course, compared to their handicap. After one league day, holes 1 and 10
are equal first (0.15 below par), while holes 14 and 18 are equal last
(0.69 over par). Further, the back nine was tougher than the front, again
with respect to par, by around 1.5 shots. This may simply be due to
fatigue as the group that started on hole 1 had a significantly higher
difference than the group starting on hole 8. More as it unfolds.

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